Our mission is to make hiring easier!

We all know a business is only successful if it is run by individuals who are qualified, experienced and ready to put some passion into their work. But it isn’t always easy to find those who are on the same track to success as you are … Until now. Triumph Strategic Consulting works with managers, CEOs and business owners in various industries to make sure they are staffed with resources who are ready to provide the assistance and expertise they require.

With headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA, our strategic IT consulting firm is widely revered as Southern California’s premier agency among those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best. Since we understand the consulting needs of local startups, mid-level corporations and established global enterprises can vary, we proudly offer a range of staffing services to adequately meet and exceed the expectations of all of our clients. Over the years, our recruitment specialists have managed countless projects and programs using our five key values: Teamwork, Integrity, Diversity, Trust, and Collaboration.

While we specialize in placing IT Project Managers, Information Technology Consultants and Agile Professionals, we have also staffed companies in an assortment of other industries, including media, entertainment, automotive, healthcare, financial services and more.

Whether you’re looking to completely staff a new department, interested in contingency placement or wanting support with long-term consulting, we provide the people you need, when you need them.

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