The millennial generation is bigger than the Baby Boomers, more educated than Gen X, and has the greatest self-image of any generation before them. They are a generation that grew up with constant digital access to the world and survive on smartphones and social media. However, they are less traditional than previous generations, and typically care more about making a difference in the world than making six figures. They tend to mix personal values and work ethic together meaning that they will inevitably check Facebook at the office, they will also answer work emails at home.

This unique generation provides challenges and benefits to employers in any industry. So how do you recruit a feel good, self-motivated, and hardworking 25 year old to make a difference in your company? Here is a few ideas:

  1. Website: Analyze or change your company web page to enhance the appeal of your company. Your website should promote your workplace atmosphere and career possibilities. Make it easy to navigate and mobile friendly for tech-savvy recruits.
  2. Social Networking: Use the three major social networks to your advantage. Facebook ads allow you to target users from a specific market, recent graduates, or those with a professional background you are looking for. LinkedIn provides similar platforms to target specific recruits. Twitter is great for reaching a large audience with #jobopenings or #events in your #area.
  3. Benefits: In a survey by Cap Strat, 72 percent of millennials are not driven by salary alone. They are willing to sacrifice money for something more personally fulfilling. This is good news for employers. Provide opportunities they can’t get somewhere else like tuition reimbursement, outside training classes, networking opportunities, and simple perks that allow them to have fun at work while embracing their own creativity.
  4. Flexibility: Millennials are used to logging in and getting their stuff done anywhere and everywhere. They can be just as productive at 10 PM as they can between the hours of 9 to 5. They don’t see flexible hours as a perk, to them it is a requirement. They are more capable of working at home or on the go than any previous generation. They do not need a cubicle to be productive; they need freedom and flexibility.
  5. Social Responsibility: This generation is more globally minded and socially responsible than their predecessors. They want to have a job they can feel good about, and be a part of something bigger than they are. Introduce volunteer programs, charitable giving, and service, to develop a positive work culture.
  6. Support Development: Most millennials want what they want and they want it now. While this may lead to a slightly more entitled generation, use this to your advantage by offering development and growth opportunities for employees within your company. If you give them the opportunity to meet goals, gain rewards, and climb the company ladder, they are much more likely to stick around for the long haul.

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