Securing any job, let alone a dream job, is difficult. You may find yourself swimming against the current of a crowded job market, sluggish economy, and mounting student debt. One piece of paper can make the difference between standing out and getting lost in the crowd. Follow these tips to ensure your resume is not getting you disqualified before you even start the race.

  1. The First Date – Your resume is like a first date, it should be positive, memorable, and portray the most desirable assets. The key is to play up your strengths. There is no right or wrong about what should go where in your resume. If you have a gleaming 4.0, but little work experience, make sure your educational accolades are at the top. If your GPA is not impressive, but you have stellar leadership skills or a strong work ethic, make that experience shines through.
  2. A Second Look – Editing is crucial. One typo and you are in the reject pile. Edit it yourself, then have your mother, brother, friend, waiter, mail carrier, or anyone else who is willing to edit it again for you. Errors, typos, or the wrong use of “their, there, or they’re” will disqualify you instantly.
  3. Cookie Cutters – Any recruiter can tell in two seconds if your resume came off a cookie cutter website or downloaded template. A generic resume is not memorable.
  4. Take Out Selfies: If the word “I” appears in your resume, take it out. Simple as that. Instead of starting each sentence with I, start with the verb. Strong verbs include “lead, assisted, organized, created, built, developed” etc.
  5. KISS: Keep It Super Simple. Color? One. Fonts? One. Clip Art? Nope. PDF? Nada. Graphics? Zip (unless they are custom and you are very talented and applying for a graphic design position). Make it easy to open (stick to Word), easy to skim, and easy to read. Don’t rely on fancy Apps, gadgets, or gizmos to deliver your resume, they are not impressive, they are obnoxious to employers. Stick with a paper copy, or a simple Doc attachment.
  6. Be Specific: Don’t say you are a “true leader” tell the employer who, what, and where you have led. Keep generic and self-serving phrases out and replace them with actual examples of your leadership, work ethic, education, or expertise.

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