Remember the days when you carried paper maps in your car and went to the library for research? Yeah, neither do we. The mobile generation is a time of immediate, on-demand access to just about anything. Nearly everything we do starts with a smartphone. Hungry? Look up a recipe or find a restaurant. Bored? Find a local movie theater. Need a job? There’s an app for that too.

For most of us, we have our phone near us 24 hours a day. It’s time to set aside Candy Crush Saga and use the resources you already have to land the job you really want.

Step 1: App Store

Start by browsing your app store and downloading the latest job search apps. There are several to choose from, but some are more successful than others are. Top rated job search apps include Glassdoor, Jobr, Poacht and Poachable. Having a job search app on your phone makes good use of otherwise wasted time while you stand in line at that movie or wait for your takeout to arrive.

Step 2: Be Mobile

If you are going to work in the mobile world, you need to be mobile yourself. Create a mobile friendly resume and cover letter to make it easy to upload on the go. Chances are, if you wait until you are at your desktop to send your resume, you may have missed the window of opportunity. Have a variety of resumes and cover letters on your phone ready to send at a moments notice. The Dropbox app or Google drive on your phone are great options for storing documents.

Step 3: Stay LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one professional networking tool and for good reason. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you should have one. Keep the app on your phone and update your profile to accurately reflect current and past accomplishments and work history.

Step 4: Follow Up

Give it a few days, but if you don’t get some sort of automated response simply confirming they received the information, always follow-up with a phone call. Calling shows the employer that you know how to use technology, but you aren’t using it to hide from actual contact. Politely ask if your resume was received and if there is anything further they need from you.

Most of us can text faster than we can write, but when applying for jobs online, it is worth it to slow down and double check before you hit send. No amount of fancy technology can make up for a sub-par resume or a lackluster cover letter.

Tailor your cover letter rather than using a general one for every job you apply. Also, narrow your search to the jobs that you are truly interested in rather than spraying your resume across the World Wide Web to anyone who will accept it. Even though you may be applying for jobs while you are in your pajamas, you need to stay on top of your game. The best rule of thumb is to treat your email, profile, and status update like an individual meeting with the CEO.

At Triumph Strategic Consulting, we take great pride in helping great candidates find outstanding jobs. You can find our latest job openings on many of your favorite job search apps, or you can search our hot jobs listings now.

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