Social media is no longer simply a way to reconnect with friends from high school and share holiday photos. It is a crucial tool to advance your career. Networking has always been important, but today it has a completely new technological level. Social media platforms are plentiful and some are more effective in a job search than others are. Here is the best places to start and how to make your profile work for you.
1. LinkedIn.
This is the obvious choice for career networking, but where to start and what is the most effective way to be noticed? Use the sites groups to connect with people in industries you are interested in. Searching companies in those industries to get a few places you might be interested in working.
2. Twitter
Once you have identified the companies you are interested in based on your LinkedIn groups, follow them on Twitter. You can use sites like to find additional people and companies to follow that may be able to assist you in your job search.
3. Facebook
As the largest social media platform on the internet, it is a catchall system for both social and professional networking. However, always be sure to monitor what you post and what is posted about you on Facebook. Employers often use Facebook to evaluate prospective employees. If you have a clean cut photo on LinkedIn and wild holiday party photos on Facebook, you might not get the job you are hoping for. Instead, share interesting articles, successes, and use hashtags to get noticed by companies you have your eye on.
4. Market Yourself With Ads
Use Facebook or Google Ads to your advantage. Use your website, resume, or blog as a landing page and then display your resume directly through advertising. This allows your resume to pop up on potential employers news feed.
5. Blogging
Blogging is the most time consuming form of social media, but it might be the most effective. A blog establishes credibility, and allows others to see your personality and knowledge of the subject or industry. Blogs are especially helpful in areas of creativity such as art, writing, graphic or web design, and photography. Reading, commenting, and following other blogs helps to enhance your web presence.
6. YouTube
Creating a video resume is a great way to land an interview. If you are interested in creating a video resume, take the time to make sure it is short, professional, and engaging. Research other video resumes and it is easy to see which ones are successful, and which ones are not.

In today’s job market, you need to use every tool you can get your hands on to beat out other candidates. Utilizing all of social media shows you are resourceful and self-motivated to find the perfect job rather than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

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