Trying to stand out in a sea of applicants can be intimidating, but it doesn’t make it impossible. There are a few ways you can rise above the rest and make sure you are more than just a name on a page in a stack of 6000.
1. Apply
Too often candidates get intimidated by companies and qualifications so they don’t apply because they think they don’t have a chance. You can’t get an interview for a job you don’t apply for. Even for positions in high demand, you have the same chance as anyone else.
2. Ditch the Template
In a stack of resumes, you don’t want your resume to look identical to the other dozen applicants who picked the same template or resume building. It takes an employer two seconds to recognize a cookie-cutter resume and toss them aside. Start with a blank slate and build your resume to be a custom representation of your individuality. Always, always includes a custom cover letter tailored to the position you are applying for.
3. Be ready, not eager
On average, it generally takes between 23 and 35 days for a company to complete the interview process and choose a candidate. When there is a large pool of candidates, be ready to work for the position. You may have several rounds of interviews with several different people. Be ready to answer their questions, research the company, and if you are assigned homework during the process, take it seriously. Show your full effort, but do not bog down the hiring manager with endless follow-up calls to see how the process is going.
4. Focus on the Intangibles
Chances are, if you are in a room of 100 other applicants, you all have very similar education and work experience qualifications. Focus on what makes you difference, the intangibles that cannot be duplicated. This includes aspects of your personality that makes you a company asset, attributes and qualities they won’t find anywhere else.
5. Be Memorable
In a pool of candidates, cookie-cutter answers are common and forgettable. Instead, come into interviews prepared with stories that highlight your skills. Focus on problem solving, group success, or company improvements you were a part of. A story is always a better way to demonstrate your skills than a rehearsed answer. Keep stories on point, short, simple, and memorable.

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