Every business must take calculated risks to succeed; the key is to minimize the potential negative consequences of those actions. Staffing firms can provide all types of businesses with tools and services that reduce the risks inherent to hiring and human resource management. Here are four areas in which we can help:

1. Bad Hires

• Use temp-to-hire services to try out a new employee before making a final hiring decision. You can evaluate an employee on the job while they remain on the staffing firm’s payroll — lowering your risk of making a bad hire.

• Many staffing services guarantee the quality of their temporary employees and direct placement applicants. Some provide direct placement guarantees as long as six months!

• With temporary staffing, if you are unhappy with the quality, productivity or attitude of an employee, you have the right to terminate that employee at any time without consequence. If you desire, the staffing service will bring in a new employee with little or no additional cost or risk to your company.

2. Burnout

• Help relax the demand on your direct staff by using temporary employees to lend a hand during peak work periods.

3. Legal and Compliance Issues

• Use qualified temporaries for short-term assignments instead of hiring full-time employees who affect your headcount under the ACA. Temporaries are employed by the staffing company. As such, the staffing firm is responsible for providing their employees with health benefits, if applicable — not you.

• Use direct placement services to help ensure that non-discriminatory hiring practices are followed.

• Ensure compliance with all federal, state and local tax laws by leasing or payrolling your employees.

• Using a temporary in place of a short-term employee prevents an unemployment claim from affecting your company. All claims affect the staffing service’s unemployment rating — not yours.

4. Layoffs

If your company experiences frequent variations in workload, temporary staffing services can reduce, or possibly eliminate, the need to lay off employees during slow periods. When things get busy, your staffing provider can provide rapid, flexible access to additional workers to provide adequate coverage throughout peak demand periods.

Bottom line? Our services make it safer, easier and more cost-effective to get your work done.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can reduce your employment risks — while helping you achieve your business goals.

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