Not so long ago, the requirements for your resume included paper, ink, and hand delivery. Today, your resume should be ready to link, download, and share. A mobile friendly resume makes it easy for employers to view your resume on the go. The difference between a resume you can read on your phone and one you can’t might make the difference between getting a job and getting lost in the shuffle.

A mobile friendly resume should include three characteristics:

1. Readable: Scrolling, scanning, and skimming should be simple. Because a 4-inch mobile screen is much smaller than your 8 ½ x 11 paper, keep your sentences short and have clear spacing to make it easy to read. Avoid columns, tables, or other layout options that are difficult to read on a mobile phone. Stick to standard fonts and don’t differentiate font size too much. When you have prepared your resume, email it to yourself, your friends, and open it on as many platforms as you can to see how easy it is to read before sending it to your potential employer.

2. Downloadable: Your resume and cover letter should be easy to download on any device and any platform. If your resume takes too long to open, or presents an error, the hiring manager is likely to toss it aside for the next one in line. The best way to make your documents easy to download is to keep them simple. Complicated text, graphics, colors, and extras only make it more difficult to see on the go.

3. Shareable: When the secretary, receptionist, or gatekeeper gets your resume, you want them to be so impressed they instantly share it with their boss. Make that next step as easy as possible so your resume is easily shared with recruiters, search engines, and others alike. The easiest way to do this is include a link to the mobile version of your resume in your online portfolio. There are several apps to help create mobile resumes if you are unsure how to complete this on your own.

Mobile Friendly Cover Letter
Just because you are going into the mobile version of your resume does not mean you can leave your cover letter behind. On the contrary, your cover letter becomes even more important, because you do not have a lot of room. Your letter should be short, concise, and should be no longer than a screenshot.

Having a link to your resume is crucial. It makes it easy to see, view, and share with others. Everything is saved online; a link is included at the end of every email, which makes your information easily accessible. Every time you send a follow-up email, your resume is automatically included with a link.

Also, be sure to include and use hyperlinks in any electronic resume. Link to your phone number, website, blog, social media page, or past experience. Links make it fast and easy for employers to learn more about you with a click of the mouse (or finger).

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