We all know that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for professional social networking, but how can you use LinkedIn more effectively when you’re specifically looking for an executive position? The fact is, LinkedIn is not designed for a job search. It is not intended for you to search out jobs but instead was built for employers to search for you.  Many executives tend to shy away from LinkedIn because of company confidentiality, or to avoid an overload of emails. However, a powerful presence with a message of leadership can help you get noticed by some of the top professionals in your industry. Here are a few tips to make that happen:

Be Searchable

LinkedIn works similarly to Google, so you want to be sure your profile is at the top of the list when a recruiter (or employer) is searching for candidates. You can use SEO techniques to keyword optimize your profile by allowing LinkedIn to auto-fill the term for you when you fill out sections such as “Skills”. Any terms that are auto-suggested are those that users are searching for. Use those terms as keywords throughout your profile, but beware of keyword stuffing.

Add Details

Everyone has a road that led you where you are, C-level executives did not start out that way. Add details to your profile that examine where you came from, what challenges you’ve overcome in lower-level positions to get to where you are today. This may require going back further than the standard 10-15 year work history.

 Be Open

You probably don’t need hundreds (or even thousands) of Facebook friends knowing your every move, but on LinkedIn, the more the merrier. The size and depth of your network will correlate directly with the success of your job search. The more connections, the better. Consider LinkedIn’s LION (LinkedIn Open Networking). LIONS are people with tens of thousands of connections, connecting with one of them means potentially thousands more people in your network. Simply search for “LION” in LinkedIn’s main search bar.

 Message, Don’t Just Apply.

There are job listings on LinkedIn, but clicking “Apply” is a mistake. Hundreds or thousands of others have likely already done that, and it’s not going to help you stand out. Instead, connect with the decision maker in the company (possibly a director, manager, or HR representative), and message them directly about the job listing.

Executive level jobs and C-level jobs require very specific job search strategies; it’s more than filling out an application and looking nice in the interview. These strategies may help you expand your network, make the connections you’re looking for, and land your next big opportunity.

At Triumph Strategic Consulting, we take great pride in helping great candidates find outstanding jobs. If you’re looking for a great new opportunity, please contact Triumph Strategic Consulting today.


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