In 2015, millenials surpassed baby boomers as the nations largest living generation. That means the majority of our workforce is under the age of 35. The generational differences between the two groups can be divisive in the workplace and the job market.

According to the Census Bureau, more than 80 percent of baby boomers plan to keep working after the national retirement age, but many feel trapped in their current situation because of the threat posed by millenials taking jobs and getting promoted faster. The career field may be changing, but there are plenty of resources, advice, and services for those looking to make career changes in their golden years.

Finding Work

If you have been laid off and find yourself updating your resume after several years, it can feel a little like culture shock. Job seeking in 2016 is entirely different than it was in the 80s or 90s. . Make sure your resume meets today’s trends. Specific services are available online to assist boomers with social networking, resume help, and cover letters to introduce you into the workplace again. AARP, QuintCareers, and are just a few of the resources specifically for Boomers. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you may find new industries, fields, or positions that didn’t exist 20 years ago that might be the perfect fit.

In your resume, interview, and through contacts make your age an asset, not a deterrent. Play up your strengths, you have knowledge, value, and capability that only comes with experience, something millenials can’t compete with. Baby boomers also bring more mature outlook, a balanced ego, and a wide range of contacts. Bring enthusiasm, energy, and experience and you’re a triple threat.

Moving Up

For those of us that are over 50, it may seem impossible to maintain a competitive edge in a workplace full of young, vibrant, energetic, millennials. If you’re looking to move up the corporate food chain, start by keeping your skills current. Continue your education, certifications, or any other skills validation tests that prove you are current with the technology and education in your field. Do your homework, know what is required, and seek the advice of someone working in your position of interest.

Making a Career Change

More than half of working retirees say they’d like to work in a new profession. If you’re looking to switch gears and do something that you’ve never done before, start by identifying your transferable skills. Baby boomers and seniors have much to offer the workforce, so identify the skills that have served you well throughout the well and work transfer them set yourself up for your next career move.

Whether you’re looking to find a job, get a new position, or make a complete career change, consider yourself as an expert, an asset, a company of one as an outside consultant with skills and experience for hire. Stay mentally positive and focus on your strengths and your goals while garnering support from resources, services, and others who can help to make this phase of life the most rewarding.

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