Time and money are the two most precious assets for an organization. When it comes to recruitment, a staffing agency can save you both.

Whether you work in a large organization with a well-staffed HR department, or a smaller company just starting to grow, the benefits of using a staffing agency can keep your projects on point.

Still need to be convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hire your next project professional without a staffing agency to support you.

1. Industry Expertise From Start To Finish

The expertise of a staffing agency generally far exceeds that of a single hiring manager in the HR department. The experts within an agency specialize in understanding employment trends, recruiting practices, and have deep industry knowledge in certain fields.

Choose a staffing agency that specializes in IT, Project Management, or the field where you want to source quality candidates. This provides you a dedicated agency contact who can use their knowledge to find you individuals who are a perfect match.

The expertise of an agency even goes beyond this: For small companies that might not have a dedicated HR department, recruitment services manage the employment process for you. From start to finish you’ll have a dedicated hiring expert supporting you all the way.

2. Affordable Services Saving You Money

Yes, staffing agencies have fees associated with their services!

However, those fees are far outweighed by the cost of a bad hire. An agency also relieves employers of costs of screening candidates, pre-employment testing, background investigations and drug screening.

These savings are just the beginning when hired; employers save money each month related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration small businesses, staffing agencies are often the best way to get qualified employees at remarkable savings.

3. Wide Networks For Sourcing Candidates

A reputable staffing agency will save you time and money by finding the perfect candidate through their vast network, often far more wide-reaching than the applicants you can reach with a typical job posting.

The hiring process involves advertising the job, collecting resumes, conducting interviews, and establishing new hire documentation. This all takes time and finding the right fit for your job can be hit and miss if your advert doesn’t reach the right candidates first time round.

Staffing agencies may already have your perfect employee in mind. Talking through your requirements with someone who has a pool of available candidates could identify a dependable, reliable and hardworking individual who can fill a vacancy by Monday morning. No advertising or waiting around required.

4. Better Skilled Candidates

Many staffing agencies offer training and other resources to potential employees such as computer classes, time management training, and more.

As an employer, you can encourage (or require) that employees take advantage of these opportunities for development before they join your company. This gives you a more qualified employee at no additional expense. It’s a win-win.

5. Better Retention Rates

Finally, when you use a staffing agency you have the unique opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. You can check out an employee and evaluate their performance within your organization before hiring them into a permanent position.

Turnover is one of the most expensive costs for businesses, often prompted by bad hires and candidates who are not a good fit for your organization or teams. By choosing the right candidates, you can slash your staff turnover.

These benefits are there for anyone who works with a reputable staffing agency. They aren’t the exclusive prerogative of large or cash-rich firms. Choose a staffing agency as you would an employee: make sure they are a good fit with your company, and set clear expectations. Communicate clearly about upcoming needs, changes, and the status of current employees.

It’s always a good idea to invite the recruiter to your company when you start working with them so they can see first-hand what you do, how you do it, and what the company environment is like. This will give them a better idea of what type of candidate would work well for you.

Align yourself with an industry-specific staffing agency that understands and cares about your business and you can’t go wrong.

The Advantages of Using Triumph Strategic Consulting

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