More and more companies are choosing to outsource recruitment, especially for specialists, highly skilled roles like IT Project Managers and Agile positions. Whether you recruit for these posts regularly or on an ad hoc basis, there are plenty of benefits to putting the experts to work on your behalf.

Here are 5 reasons why businesses like yours are choosing to rely on recruitment partners.

1. It’s More Effective

If you’re not hiring very often, it can be difficult to keep up the skills of the managers involved. Equally, if you’re hiring a lot, the urgent recruitment goes to the top of the pile and core (but less urgent) vacancies go unfilled. It’s a struggle to find the right candidate in the right location, and your HR team might have little to no experience of what your technical roles actually require.

On top of that, HR teams have other core business responsibilities: managing payroll, delivering training, handling benefits and supporting your employees in a multitude of ways.

Today, it’s hard for companies to improve how effective they are with their recruiting. You may not have the time or the capacity to focus on how to improve your recruitment processes, and it’s not effective to train every manager every time they need to interview someone.

Outsourcing recruitment lets you benefit from a professional staffing firm’s experience. We have access to candidates that you might not be able to find on the open market and we’re constantly improving our processes to better meet the expectations of clients and candidates. With the latest technology, and experienced, expert recruiters, we know exactly how to find the perfect candidates for you, and in many cases, we can reduce your time-to-hire.

2. It’s Coordinated

First impressions matter. A disorganized approach to handling resumes and scheduling interviews doesn’t leave a great impression of your business. The onboarding process for a successful candidate is also important: the first three months is the most critical time for a new employer, and they’ll make the decision as to whether to stay or not in that time. If your onboarding doesn’t flow neatly from the recruitment activity, the whole thing feels disjointed.

This can happen when you’ve got multiple touch points involved in the hiring process. An agency places an add, the HR team screen applications, the hiring manager carries out the interview, someone else in the company then checks references and issues a contract, and yet another person is running the onboarding… Well, you’ve got multiple points where the experience of starting a new job could come unstuck.

Working with a professional consulting firm for your staffing needs takes the worry away. We can handle the process end-to-end, from helping you determine what’s required to supporting your new starter through their induction process. A single point of contact for candidates makes the whole thing streamlined and efficient.

3. It’s Scalable

Your business needs for recruitment fluctuate, and that’s normal. Whether it’s winning a large contract and needing extra project management capacity in the team, or onboarding an intake of graduates, sometimes you’ll need more recruitment support than others.

That can be a challenge for an in-house HR team. Even if they are fully up-to-speed with the technical requirements that you need to recruit for, they might not have the capacity to deal with the peaks. And when the busy times are over, your in-house recruitment team might have a little time on their hands.

Outsourcing your recruitment needs means you don’t have to worry about staffing up for the busy times, or letting people go when it’s slower. Using the professional services of a recruitment consultancy gives you flexibility to only pay for what you use in a scalable fashion.

4. It Reduces Hiring Costs

Reducing operating costs is always at the top of some executive’s list of goals for the year! Besides the cost of staffing your own in-house recruitment function, you’ve got the applicant tracking systems to buy and maintain, advertisement costs, paying for background checks and more.

Outsourcing your recruitment usually lets you reduce the cost-per-hire of your recruitment campaigns. That’s because dedicated staffing firms can benefit from economies of scale that you can’t achieve yourself. There’s less duplication of effort and you can reduce the amount of individual transactions required to maintain a recruitment function in-house.

5. It Lowers Stress for Your Hiring Managers

We know from experience that many hiring managers get nervous about the whole recruitment thing. From knowing what they can legally put in a job advert to conducting the initial interviews, recruiting someone can be a high-stress activity.

Your managers don’t need any more pressure. Recruiting isn’t their core business function. Let them get on with managing high-profile projects and driving the business forward through strategic portfolio management. That’s what they excel at and what your organization needs them to do every day. Let someone else take the burden of finding the right candidate.

Of course, your team still get a say in who turns up to work for them. A great staffing consultancy is your partner; understanding your needs, the needs of the team, and your company’s goals, values, and ethics. We can source people who will be a good fit for your departments and projects while leaving the ultimate decision up to you.

Triumph Strategic Consulting can be your recruitment partner to make sure your business is staffed with the expert, skilled professionals that you need to be successful. Give us a call today!