It is that time of year again when papers, finals, and frat parties quickly turn into paychecks, meetings, and deadlines. The job market is tough for college graduates because the field is wider, the competition is steeper, and the requirements are tougher than they ever have been. Not to mention college graduates are high on ambition and low on experience, (which is a frustrating combination). Here are a few tips to help you land the dream job you’ve been waiting for since freshman year.

  1. Don’t Wait Until Graduation: Start now, be proactive in your job search and begin networking way before graduation. Even in your junior year, you can begin looking at internships or a work study position that may lead to a full time job upon graduation. Begin to research possible career avenues, positions, and companies while you’re still in school.
  1. Start Where You Are: It may be your dream job to work at a Fortune 500 company, but don’t overlook stepping stone opportunities right in front of you. Start with your parents’, grandparents’ and friends’ to network within people you know. Stay in touch with college classmates, talk to your choir director, scoutmaster, anyone you know that might be able to make a connection and build your network. Take a job that will help you learn and grow so you can work your way to the Fortune 500.
  1. Focus On Your Resume: Make your resume emphasis what you have to offer, not just what you are looking for. This one sheet of paper should represent you in less than 30 seconds, make every word count. Use your resume as a marketing tool to sell yourself, your skills, and your work ethic.
  1. Get Professional: It’s time to move past the parties and get professional. Edit, delete, and clean up your Facebook page. Create a professional LinkedIn account, update your voicemail message, your email signature (and possibly address), and eliminate the three B’s: beer, bongs, and bikinis. Evaluate all aspects of your online profiles to ensure they represent a professional candidate, not a frat boy or party girl.
  1. Use the Career Office: Believe it or not, your school cares about you. Additionally, it looks really good for recruiting if they can show how many seniors have jobs when they graduate. So use the resources they offer, visit the career office regularly and follow the advice of a career counselor. Their connections and their services are designed to help you get what you’re looking for.

Entering the professional world for the first time can be intimidating, but don’t forget the assets you can offer the workforce. You have a fresh prospective, a young vibrancy, plenty of energy, and the ability to learn. Be ambitious, eager, and you will be ready to take on the world.

We take great pride in helping great candidates find outstanding jobs. If you’re looking for a great new opportunity and need help prepping for your next job interview, please contact Triumph Strategic Consulting today.

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