Holiday job search got you down? Use this time to get a jump on your job hunt. January is the toughest, most competitive and most crowded for the job market according to Susan P. Joyce, publisher of The new-year rush is caused by so many job hunters who don’t look for jobs in December.

Since recruiting and candidate searches drop drastically towards the end of the year, this provides a prime opportunity to those who are willing to job hunt through the holidays. Beat the rush and land a job before the end of the year. It may be tempting to take a break from job hunting during the holidays, but hiring doesn’t stop, and neither should you.

Tip #1: Be Flexible

End of year budgets means some companies are rushing to fill jobs that might otherwise be cut. Other companies are looking ahead to new positions that may become available in January. It also means hiring managers are busy and you may have to be more flexible to land an interview. Offer to meet for coffee, weekend, or after-hours interviews may be required to accommodate a hiring manager’s busy holiday schedule.

Tip #2: Build Your Resume

Take time during the holidays to spread some cheer and build your resume at the same time. Volunteer work and charity needs are at an all-time high during the Holidays. Research organizations that need help and volunteer during your free time. You never know, you might end up meeting a hiring manager during your time volunteering at a holiday charity event.

Tip #3: Reconnect

If you’re unemployed during the holidays, you may dread attending party after party and forced into a conversation about your less-than-ideal situation. Instead, use holiday parties to network and let people know what you’re looking for and how you’ve been productive in your job hunt. See if you can help someone else in his or her current situation. Use holiday cards as a way to reach out to old friends, add an extra message, and express gratitude to those who have helped you throughout the year.

Tip #4: The Magic Week

A recent article in Forbes categorized the week between Christmas and New Years as the “Magic Week”  when most middle management is on vacation, but executives are at the office. This makes it much easier to get in touch directly with the decision-makers and connect with key people.

Tip #5: Patience

A job search during the holidays means working around vacation schedules, parties, and company events. Be Patient.  Use this time to send a Christmas card or a holiday treat to thank them for their time.

Triumph Strategic Consulting can assist with resume preparation and one-on-one support for job hunting during the holidays.

Contact us to make the most of this holiday season and start the New Year with your dream job.





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