Servant Leadership

Servant leadership has emerged as a modern movement for the last 40 years or so and continues to gain momentum. Oftentimes leaders who are looking to make changes turn to servant leadership as a way to revolutionize their leadership style, and make positive changes within their team, department, and company. We searched the internet high and low for the best articles to define, implement, and find success through servant leadership.

  1. Robert Greenleaf is credited with coining the phrase “servant leadership” in his essay. The website is written by Kent Keith and first defines servant leadership and then explains the theory behind this leadership philosophy.
  2. Investopedia also provides a definition of servant leadership that gives an overview of the philosophy as well as the bottom line for businesses, investors, and organizations.
  3. The Daily Good republished an article originally written by Larry C. Spears, the CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership. This article covers the 10 Gifts of a Servant Leader as well as a brief historical overview.
  4.  “7 Secrets Of ‘Servant Leadership’ That Will Lead You To Success.” This article gives a nice overview of the beliefs and views held by those who effectively practice servant leadership.
  5. Skip Richard is a website dedicated to providing insights into leadership styles and traits. Their article, “9 Qualities of the Servant Leader” describes nine different personality and character traits that help to combine the best in service and leadership.
  6. The Washington Post published a story a few years ago written by a professor at the University of Virginia that looks at what makes the leadership at some companies perform better than others. His findings lead to a convincing case towards servant leadership.
  7. The Business Insider went one step further and delved deep into how servant leadership changed one company completely. The CEO, Cheryl Bachelder, gives an in-depth look at how servant leadership helped her completely turn the Popeye’s franchise into a success story.
  8. This article on examines what makes servant leaders successful and why servant leaders make the best leaders in practice in the modern business world.
  9. Although Servant Leadership has plenty of evidence backing up its effectiveness, it is still rare to find this model in full practice. Harvard Business School professor published an article on why servant leadership is so rare among CEOs today.
  10. In an article titled, “What Does Leadership Look Like in the Future of Work” Forbes writer Jacob Morgan talked with the Group Chief Human Resources Officer of Tat, a group of over 100 companies and half a billion employees. This article explains why servant leadership may become more and more important in the years to come in order to be successful in business.

Servant leaders are likely to have more engaged employees and enjoy better relationships with team members and other stakeholders. Looking for leaders who understand the power of putting their teams first? We can help. Contact us today!





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